Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thing 9 Technology

This is new technology that I could learn to love. Fingertip Digitizer.
This is part of an article from the University of Buffalo Newletter

With the tap of a single finger, computer users soon may be drawn deeper into the virtual world using a new device developed in the University at Buffalo's Virtual Reality Lab.
UB researchers say their "Fingertip Digitizer," which users wear on the tip of the index finger, can transfer to the virtual world the meaning and intent of common hand gestures, such as pointing, wagging the finger, tapping in the air or other movements that can be used to direct the actions of an electronic device, much like a mouse directs the actions of a personal computer, but with greater precision.
What's more, the Fingertip Digitizer can transfer to personal computers very precise information about the physical characteristics of an object -- and even can sense the shape and size of a human gland or tumor -- when a user taps, scratches, squeezes, strokes or glides a finger over the surface of the object.
According to Kesavadas, the Fingertip Digitizer will help bridge the gap between what a person knows and what a computer knows.
"With this device a computer, cell phone or computer game could read human intention more naturally," he explains. "Eventually the Fingertip Digitizer may be used as a high-end substitute for a mouse, a keyboard or a joystick."


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3girlsmom said...

hey lisa! i had no idea that you were part of the blogosphere! how fun is that! i LOVE the collage of all those pictures. what a great treasure to have those. i love old family photos.

thanks for stopping by to see my blog. it's such a wonderful way to keep everyone posted on our happenings and for all our distant friends and relatives to see the girls. maybe this summer we might have to take a road trip to broward to see you in pembroke pines. are you still there?

take care! we miss you! i was just talking to someone about you the other day. how fab your storytimes were and how much i wish that gracie had been able to participate for a longer period.

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