Monday, December 17, 2007


I joined Facebook and invited some friends to join me. I added photos and joined some Library groups. This looks like it will be fun!

Using Overdrive

I used Overdrive to put Black Rose by Nora Roberts, I still prefer holding a book in my hand to read. But I think it is a very useful application.

Favorite pictures

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I think podcasts are very interesting. I found a great one on Digg. This is a podcast on Autism. It is a series. I added it to my RSS feed. I am a visual learner therefore I learn better by having material in my hands and reading.

U Tube: Librarians working with special needs customers


I chose this video, because I think this is an important topic that is not discussed enough. We have many customers using library services with special needs, but we are not always helping them in the best way for that individual. This is partially due to lack of training in this area.

web 2.0 Awards

I looked at some of the sites and I like the Medstory one the best. I gave accurate and up to date information on medical conditions.

Zoho word writer

I am trying this new word processing program. I like the idea of being able to retrieve my documents from every computer. I tried to import a Power Point Presentation to the slide show and it froze and I had to restart the application. Let's see what pictures I can insert. I can't find how to inset pictures. This is frustrating for me.